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Blues for Breakfast Photos!

NEW! Rockin on the River, Troy, NY, August 10, 2011




A big thank you to Ed Bauer for the band photos!
Blues for Breakfast at Nectars March 26 2006
Blues for Breakfast January 06 at Nectars.
Blues for Breakfast with Sean Kelly sitting in
You asked for it, you've got it. More shots of the crowd. Do you see someone you know?
(courtesy pam scanlon)
New Year, new lineup! Rockin' at Nectars in January '06. Nectars! Things were really rockin'! Seth Yacavone sat in after his acoustic gig. Also joining Blues for Breakfast was alumnus Peter Burton. Special guest appearance by Sean Kelly of The Samples.
(courtesy of pam scanlon)
Enjoy a summer Sunset at Breakwaters with Blues for Breakfast
JerryFest 2006 at Nectars
 Blues for Breakfast Halloween 2006.
Breakwaters! Ahh! Summer in Vermont at last! Bass by special guest David.The band rocked!The women danced!
(courtesy of michael niederer & pam scanlon)
10th Annual JerryFest at Nectars with special guest T Lavitz.
(photos courtesy of pam scanlon and michael niederer)
Halloween 2005 at Nectar's. Dress as your favorite Grateful Dead character/song (photos courtesy of pam scanlon and michael niederer)